University of Southampton UK

University of Southampton, UK

University of Southampton, UK

Affiliate member | MSC Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design

The University of Southampton, UK, has a strong reputation in Autonomous Systems with many world firsts including: SULSA, the first 3D printed plane; the development of a DARPA winning entry to UAVForge and the world’s first affordable maritime surveillance unmanned air vehicle 2SEAS.

The DECODE (Decision Environment for COmplex DEsign) EPSRC project is specifically aimed at developing a coherent set of software tools and a design methodology that will allow users to quickly explore the design space for unmanned vehicles. The DECODE software tools are being tested by using them to develop a set of air vehicles to meet a very demanding long range maritime reconnaissance mission.

The first DECODE air vehicle flew in 2010.

For More Information | Contact:

Jim Scanlan
Professor of Aerospace and Design, Dirctor of MSC Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design

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